Our Portfolio

 We are a high-conviction, concentrated investor exclusively focused on active ownership of emerging market companies, seeking to unlock long-term growth in our investments by engaging and partnering with management teams, boards, and controlling shareholders. We look to execute on operational and financial opportunities, drive positive governance changes, and improve how our portfolio companies interface with the global capital markets.

We typically hold approximately 20 positions in our portfolio and are frequently among the largest independent shareholders in each.  As of September 30, 2017, we had 22 investments in 9 countries with our largest exposures in India (eight companies and 36.1% of AUM), Philippines (four companies and 19.4% of AUM) and Mexico (two companies and 11.5% of AUM).

As of September 30, our top five holdings represented 38.4% of the portfolio and the top 10 holdings represented 66.1 % of the portfolio.

Cartica Country Exposure

100% = AUM of $3.2 Billion

Hovering over the graph displays country weighting in the MSCI EM Index.

* Investments in developed markets represent companies with majority Emerging Markets exposure listed on developed market exchanges.

Percentages presented as a percentage of aggregate AUM
Source:  MSCI and Cartica Internal Reports

Data as of September 30, 2017