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Cartica’s 2021 ESG and Engagement Year in Review

January 26, 2022
Thought Leadership

Introducing the 2021 ESG and Engagement Year in Review

Cartica believes that high-quality ESG management practices can make companies stronger, and we were pleased to see a number of improvements among our portfolio this year, which we have summarized in the 2021 ESG and Engagement Year in Review.

Companies across Emerging Markets made material ESG improvements in 2021, gaining momentum amid a confluence of tailwinds. New regulation incentivized companies to tighten ESG practices and policies related to cybersecurity, carbon emissions measurement and reduction, and ESG disclosures. End consumers and large customers increasingly demanded products with a low environmental impact and a traceable supply chain. With more companies investing in sustainable products and technology, costs that were once prohibitive have come down, creating ample room for innovation, improvement, and increased adoption.

Against this backdrop, 2021 saw a wave of companies in Emerging Markets taking steps to improve ESG management, publishing inaugural ESG or Sustainability reports, setting net-zero targets, and making corporate governance improvements. Many of Cartica’s portfolio companies made positive ESG improvements, such as collapsing dual-class share structures, diversifying the Boardroom, materially reducing employee turnover, and measuring and disclosing their carbon footprint.

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